The Fickle Crowds and Me


March 8th 2007
I was just thinking today and realizing how much like the children of Israel I am. Or how much like the crowds in Mark who were crying “Hosanna” and then “crucify him” within 168 hours of each other. My week this week has not been characterized by passion. Or even a desperation and crying out for God to give me that passion. Its been characterized by a lack of discipline, a lack of eternal focus and a view that has not been enamored by Christ. A view more focused on 24 and American idol than the Savior of my soul. Its been a mindset that who gets kicked off American Idol or what happens to Jack Bauer on 24 is more important than what is happening with my relationship with my Savior. What is important to me/ what I value is shown by which of those relationships I am cultivating. I haven’t been cultivating a deeper love for Christ – I’ve been cultivating my idols.

Last night at care group we were discussing the sermon, talking about the sermon and the questions from Sunday. To not be frightened by death, to be able to effectively help others, and to have my life here on earth changed by the hope of an eternal future with God – for that to happen then I’d have to have an eternal perspective. It was very convicting for me because I don’t live like this. I live with a here-and-now perspective and very rarely think about heaven unless its in the context of someone dying. I don’t live like Paul (Romans 8:18 For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.) Paul was like this because his life was consumed by Christ. The hope of what to come was what he lived for, not desires on this earth. He never got over the cross. I live like I’ve gotten “over” it – that it was valid for my salvation but not for my life.

As I was listening to my ipod today I heard the song “Captured” – the one that has the mix from Curt Allen in it and during the song I wondering what it really takes to be captured by Christ. I think it takes living my life every day with the realization that without Christ I am “lost without hope, down to my last rope, the world is too much for me and I can’t cope (to quote Curt in my pitiful rap) =) That I don’t “deserve” anything other than God’s judgment and that by His grace, I’ve been redeemed. That’s not a feeling, that’s a truth and realizing that shouldn’t be change based on emotion but change based on the unchanging truth of who God is.

I have tasted of a love sweeter than the honeycomb
and i have heard the symphony
of your whisper in my soul (“behold these are the outskirts of his ways and the thunder of his power who can understand”)
I am ruined by this world for none compares to you my Lord. (the children of Israel talked about being “devoted to destruction” vs. “devoted to God”)
For you have captured me. (this is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes)
Completely captured me
And I’m consumed with you
and only you, Jesus.

There’s a grace I can’t resist
Loving arms are drawing me (sovereign grace drew me, chose me, redeemed me…)
And there’ a beauty far beyond
what eyes of flesh could ever see (living every day here with an eternal perspective)
for I’ve beheld with trembling joy
the sight of Calvary’s scarlet rose (never getting over the cross – always viewing it with “trembling joy”)
For you have captured me.
Completely captured me
And I’m consumed with you
and only you, Jesus.

I am ruined for this world for none compares to you my Lord…
For you have captured me.
Completely captured me
And I’m consumed with you
and only you, Jesus.


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