Living in the gap


Living in the gap is harder than you’d think. Desiring what you can’t see, dreaming for what you can’t achieve until you’re dead, Not worrying about opinions of others… This is a struggle of mine daily. I spend my days more concerned about the here and now than the true reality – God has created us to enjoy Him. We were created as eternal beings and ultimately our true satisfaction comes from heaven.

But the pull from this world is not only from gravity. My desires are sucked back to this world practically every minute instead of desiring God. I’m a “dust-licker” who settles for mud pies because I don’t live with the reality that a day at the beach is far greater.

God, help me. Help me to trust in You! Help me to find my strength in you not myself. I need your guidance. Without it, life is merely aimless longing for unachievable contentment.

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