As an aid to realize that Christ is active in my daily life, I was challenged by some friends of mine to ask WWJD at various points throughout the day (though not completely theologically correct, the point is – is my life in line with my union with Christ or am I living contrary to that reality?). I tend to compare myself to God quite often (or actually, compare Him to me – thinking that He would do things my way or react to situations the way that I would). I’m beginning to realize that’s not the case.

Here’s my thought so far…
1. He would get up on time because He would be a good steward of the time that God has given him (instead of staying up late, being exhausted the next morning and then hitting “snooze” for 30 minutes).
2. He would be thankful for what he has, realizing that everything is a gift (and for me – realizing also that I don’t deserve any of this, I deserve hell)
3. He wouldn’t speed (dang it!)
4. He wouldn’t complain when people do things that cause him extra work (even when its “not his job”)
5. He would give 100% instead of just “getting by” with the minimum.
6. He wouldn’t “stretch the truth” (aka lie) to fit his own agenda or make himself “look good.”
7. Instead of thinking about himself all day, he would be more concerned about the needs of others.
8. He wouldn’t be caught up in details that don’t matter but would be focused on eternity and the hope that exists beyond this life.
9. Jesus would not fear persecution or challenges. He would understand that though sanctification is hard, it is SO worth it.


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