2WC and Hannah


Just some thoughts that I had last night as I was reading in my devotions in preparation for the 2WC tomorrow.

God brought to mind 1 Samuel and Hannah. She was pleading with God so deeply for a son that Eli thought she was drunk. That was just very convicting to me because how often do I come to God desperate for an answer? Or do I just pray “your will be done” or not even really have the faith that He will answer? More often than not, that’s how I approach prayer – “well, God, you know my heart, you know what I want and you’ll do it in your time.”

What about Hannah? She didn’t pray like that – she came boldly to God, not demanding a response but rather as a servant (its mentioned about 10 times in the 1st chapter). Then in chapter 2 she prays and this time it tells us the prayer. It was very encouraging to me – to remember God’s power and His strength. I think that’s why she came so boldly to God with her request in chapter 1 – its because she knew what He was capable of and she didn’t forget His love too (and it wasn’t a selfish prayer rather a prayer that desired for God to be exalted through the answer – again convicting for me).

Another thing that God led me to last night was Ruth. At the beginning Naomi says “call me Bitter because God has forgotten me.” But in chapter 4, Boaz redeems Ruth (and Naomi too). It was His work that changed this. It was Boaz being gracious to Ruth and Naomi in providing for them. And in the end, that compassion changed their lives drastically.

I forget that God has done that for me. So my prayer tomorrow is that I’ll remember God’s steadfast compassion and that realization will give me the power to come to Him boldly! And that the realization that I’m his servant will give me the proper understanding that its not about my glory rather that His provision for me would continue to show His power, magnify His strength and make His name great.

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