When I don’t feel like it…


This week’s been a struggle for me. Physically I don’t feel well and its amazing how that affects everything else. You have 32 teeth, but crack just one, and suddenly your world is a mess! Its times like this that I’m tempted to feel overwhelmed and discouraged (which I have this week). I feel like Sisyphus – pushing that rock up a hill and ultimately getting nowhere. I’m thankful that when i’m drowning there is a Rock that is higher than I.

God, help me not to cling to my circumstances, but instead to cling to You! Give me the strength to rely on you and give me the realization and comfort that ultimately You are the one holding on to me – that I don’t have to worry about slipping and falling because I’m secure in You. Thank you for that strength that is greater than my weakness in circumstances. Give me an even greater awareness of it in the days ahead. Remind me once again that my life is not about ease in the present rather that I’m living now for an eternity with you. Refresh that hope in me.

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