The Unsearchable Riches of Christ


“To read much and practise nothing, is to hunt much and catch nothing.”

“All the sighing, mourning, sobbing, and complaining in the world, doth not so undeniably evidence a man to be humble, as his overlooking his own righteousness, and living really and purely upon the righteousness of Christ. This is the greatest demonstration of humility that can be shewn by man.”

“An humble soul looks upon Christ’s righteousness as his only crown.”

“An humble soul sees that all his stock is in the hands of Christ. His stock of graces, his stock of comforts, his stock of experiences are in the hands of Jesus Christ, who is the great Lord-keeper of all a believer’s graces, and of all his comforts… Christ dwells in that heart most eminently that hath emptied itself of itself. Christ is the humble man’s manna, upon which he lives, and by which he thrives.”

“An humble soul looks through secondary causes, and sees the hand of God, and then lays his own hand upon his mouth.”

“An humble soul will bless God, and be thankful to God, as well under misery as under mercy; as well when God frowns as when he smiles; as well when God takes as when he gives; as well under crosses and losses as under blessings and mercies.”

“An humble soul knows, that to bless God in prosperity is the way to increase it; and to bless God in adversity is the way to remove it.”

Exerpts from “The Unsearchable Riches of Christ” by Thomas Brooks


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