… thoughts on His immutability


How thankful I am that You never change. My life consists of one change after another, being tossed from one wave to the next, climbing one mountain to only find myself yet again in a valley. In the valleys Lord, in the times when I feel lost with no direction, how grateful I am that You are still leading. When I don’t see or feel that guidance, Lord, I can cling to the truth that You are unchangeable and the promise that You never will leave me.

Father, I need your guidance to be a stronger reality in my life. I need faith to trust in your unseen hand. Help me not to base my security on my circumstances, but rather on your charachter – you never change, you never grow tired or weary, you love me, you are gracious and merciful, you desire to use me and do what is best for me, you are patient when I am a dull disciple, you changed them -you will do the same for me.

You don’t guarantee ease, rather only your presence. That is why no matter the situation, no matter the circumstance, I can have hope. When life doesn’t go as I’ve planned, I know that you have it all planned out. And I know that you are kind and loving – you displayed that on the cross. You didn’t promise your disciples (including me) prominence and wealth – you promised that you would never leave them. That’s why they were able to suffer and die – that strength displayed in your weakness on the cross changes everything. God, give me that same resolve in my storm-tossed life.

Thanks that you don’t dismiss the fact that we do suffer and experience pain, but thanks also for putting it in perspective. You experienced the silence of God – your Father – so I will never have to. Even when it seems He’s silent, He’s always there.

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