this past Sunday’s sermon was a recap on Mark again but this time with a focus on our mission. What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ? Who is this message for? Is it only for missionaries and evangelists or is it for me to? I’ve spent so much of my life thinking that the “great commision” was specifically for missionaries. Of course it somehow applies to all of us, but it really was only intended for people going to the Amazon or Africa. As much as that is needed, how much am I missing? Well, when “missions” refers to going overseas and telling others about Christ, its easy to live life “in the future.” One day, when I’m … then I’ll … . But what about today? What do others see from my life now? How am I making disciples today?

My first thought is “um, hello God – I’m not ready for this. Look at my life – its a mess – I sin over and over again, I struggle with stupid sins that I should have victory over. You really want me? Do you know what you’re getting?” and yet for some reason He puts people into my life that I’m discipling. I guess whether we know it or not, we’re either leading others to love God more or love ourselves, our sin, etc more.


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