A Different Perspective


So, I was reading on Matt’s new blog this morning (http://mattstacie.blogspot.com/) and was very convicted. His life operates from a very different perspective. Rick’s thougths sum up what I was thinking:

“What comes out of his writings for me is a big Christ. He talks very little about himself (and when he does he makes a quick sprint to Christ and stays there) and you walk away with more awareness of Christ and Matt is sort of obscure. That was convicting and humbling as I was reading his articles.”

I’m excited to read his thoughts. I’m excited to see this “big Christ” as I gain a deeper glimpse into Matt’s soul. (specifically his application of the gospel to daily life and menial tasks: http://mattstacie.blogspot.com/2008/01/chinese-delivery-sports-and-god.html and http://mattstacie.blogspot.com/2008/01/jesus-blue-collar-worker.html).

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