Life is often a constant ebb and flow. Hm…kinda like being in the waves. Even when you’re just standing still in the waves, you are still bombarded from every side by waves threatening to knock you down. How grateful I am that in that “bombarding” that my Jesus is consistently constantly holding on. Life has seemed almost out of control lately.

Well, better stated, its been out of my control. Even in wanting to take time alone and “process” I haven’t been able to. In desiring to get up early, my body has been fighting some sickness and is needing more sleep. About 2 hours more, which for me is practically an eternity. Needless to say, I feel like the spinning plates are crashing all around. Work is unsure – crash! Leg is bothering me still – crash! Body is tired – crash! Blessings all around but no time for thinking – crash! Really crappy devotions – crash! I feel like I should be taking time to really analyze my life so I can effectively thank God for his blessings (lets see, in the last month… computer, trip to Na, bigger tax refund than expected, making progress on debt, 2 concerts, great review at work, I could go on…). But I haven’t had time to thank God.

“give thanks to the Lord, for He is good.” Though blessings are good and an evidence of God’s amazing kindness, that’s not the best part. We’re commanded to thank Him because He is good! We’re commanded to come to Him as the source of our strength. We’re commanded to lift our empty cup to Him – our dry, cracked, chipped, empty cup – to Him to fill.

gotta run… more later


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