A Poor, Weak and Trembling Lamb


“Blessed Jesus, I come to you as a poor, weak, and trembling creature, doubtful of my own continuance, and alarmed at my numerous difficulties and enemies. I am but a lamb, and often fear I shall never be anything better. But was it not in regard to such weakness that You have been pleased to utter these gracious and tender words? I flee to you as the helpless lamb to its shepherd–when hungry, to feed it–or when pursued by wild beasts, that he may defend it.

Lord, take me in the arms of Your power and lay me on the bosom of Your love–though I am so poor and helpless a creature. I will hope in your nurturing power and love, that I shall continue to grow, and that You will one day rejoice in me, as one of the flock which You have purchased with Your own blood!”

(John Angell James, “Christian Progress” 1853)


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