Feelings or Truth?


What I feel:
1. Migraines are overwhelming
2. When you don’t feel well, your life stops
3. Its hard to not let sickness control you because it does control how you feel
4. I’m confused, tired and deprived of energy though I’ve slept a lot in the last week
5. Its hard to balance – not drawing attention to this by also not ignoring the problem by pridefully thinking I don’t need help, prayer and support.

What is true:
1. His power is made perfect in my weakness (2. Cor 12:9)
2. He does not tempt unecessarily but has promised to also provide a way of escape (1. Cor 10:13)
3. He does not hold back His mercy, but always preserves (Psalm 40:11)
4. My hope is guarded, that’s why no matter what, I can rejoice (1 Peter 1:3-9)
5. He meets needs – quenches thirst, satisfies hunger (Revelation 22:17)

What this means:
When I’m weak, I can rejoice in His strength. When I’m confused, I find comfort in the fact that He does not harm His children – He does what is best so I can be conformed to look more like Him. Sometimes that involves pain. Sometimes that means I’ll suffer. Why is that a surprise? He suffered. He endured severe pain. He overcame because I’m weak and have no strength to overcome. His mercies are new every morning. When I wake up tomorrow with yet another migraine, I have confidence that His mercies are there to sustain. How I feel does not determine who I am. It does not define me. What defines me is the hope that I have been freely given. What a joy He provides. This is not a shallow hope that can be changed by a slight temporary pain. This pain will go away. But praise God, my Father won’t! He won’t ever change. He will always be faithful. He will always be kind and loving and compassionate.

Where I’ve seen and learned this:
My church has been so cool. Prayers. Phone calls. Support. Car rides. What does earnest love feel like? Come to SGC – it’s a way of life.


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