Sweet Surrender


I sacrifice with praise, oh Lord
My hopes and dreams and fears.
I surrender all, my Love
Take my sorrow; wipe my tears.

For you oh Lord are Power
Your strength is never ending
Through your mighty and amazing cross
This broken heart, you’re mending.

Take my cravings, take my guilt
Wash my sinful hands through the blood you’ve spilt.
Grant me peace and hope in you alone
Let humility in my heart grow.

You are not pleased in sacrifices
Or else, dear Lord I’d give it.
What you really want from my life is
That I trust in you and humbly live it.

A life of full dependence –
Oh that is sweet surrender.
When my conscience still condemns me
Lord, You are my strong Defender.

So, I surrender all to you
You’re the Master of my ways.
I gladly give You my desires
For You’ve planned out all my days

Yes, its sweet to trust in You, Lord
To surrender every part.
I believe and hope in Jesus
The One Physician to heal this heart.

I’m weary God, and you are strong.
My sin-filled heart finds mercy.
Its sweet to know no matter what
You hear the one who’s hurting.

You draw me near and promise that
As I draw closer so do You
My trials won’t consume me Lord
For I’m consumed with You.

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  1. Hi Emily. I thought I would visit your blog. I really miss having Celebration and getting together with other SG churches. It is nice that through blogs and the internet we can still interact and meet each other. Thanks for your encouragement.

    Did you write this poem “Sweet Surrender?” It is wonderful! I really like this part:

    “You draw me near and promise that
    As I draw closer so do You
    My trials won’t consume me Lord
    For I’m consumed with You.”

    Thanks for sharing this. What a powerful reminder.

  2. hi vicki. i’m glad you stopped by and that you were encouraged. yes, I did write “Sweet Surrender.”

    It was writtean as a result of some thoughts that had been on my mind from Good Friday, a “passion narrative” that I read last week about the cross and a conversation with a close friend. I wrote it during my lunch break yesterday.

    So glad it was helpful. I love the fact that as we draw nearer to Him, not only does He indeed draw closer to us, but ultimately He is the one giving us the grace to draw near in the 1st place.

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