A Gift

I’ve been reminded in the past few days what a special gift I’ve been given by God. I’ve been given the gift of friendship. I love my friends. They are such an encouragement and I believe they bring God much glory through their little “unnoticed” acts of service.

They pray for me and pray with me. Sometimes they call me while I’m walking through the produce section of Publix just to pray. Other times they call me when they are weak and need encouragement and then we talk for 57 minutes about God’s goodness despite what our hearts tell us to feel. Then at other times, they send verses to remind me of God’s intimate care in my life. Sometimes they drive me to the doctor or to singles events to help me save money. Sometimes they are “randomly” introduced to me through mutual struggles and we become prayer warriors and co-laborers together. Other times, they share a song of encouragemnt, or make me a cup of tea, or bring me a random bouquet of flowers simply because …

I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends. Friends that not only care for my physical needs but friends that more importantly care for my soul too. That is a rare gift. I’m grateful. God is so overwhelmingly kind.

… just another of one of the “fringes” of His amazing ways …


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  1. Friends are such an incredible blessing from God!!! A gift that I don’t deserve, but I’m so grateful for!

    Love you, EM!

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