Deep Waters


I was reading back through my previous posts today to remind myself of God’s unending faithfulness as displayed through my past 2 years.

As I was reading, my mind began thinking specifically about water. Water in the OT was referred to as judgment. God led the children of Israel through the waters of judgment and surrounded and drowned the Egyptian army with the same waters. (Genesis 7:7, Exodus 14:28, Psalm 18:16, Psalm 69:2, Romans 6)

I was thinking about water because on May 18th, my church is having a baptism. I will be among those baptized that day. Though I grew up hearing about God, going to a Christian school and having Christian friends, I did not come to a believing faith in Christ until about 2 1/2 years ago. That is a long story, for another post, but I am grateful for God’s work in drawing my calloused and legalistic heart to Him. I’m grateful to have an intimate friendship with the all-powerful God who leads and guides me lovingly. I’m thankful for His substitutionary life that gives me power to live each day for Him.

So, as I was thinking through the waters of baptism – the waters of judgment that Christ took for me, I came across a post I wrote back in January: “Through the deep waters.” When I wrote that, I didn’t know that I would soon begin having migraines. I didn’t know the specific trials that were (and still are) coming, but I’m grateful for that reminder.

No matter the trial, no matter the discouragement, my greatest need was met when God passed through the waters of judgment in my place. I’m excited to be baptized on May 18th to rejoice over that truth in my life. I’m grateful He went through the deep waters so that I wouldn’t have to pass through any judgment waters. And I’m grateful that He accompanies and holds me in the waters of pain and sacrifice He’s called me to.


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  1. I go back and read past entries occasionally too – it really is a great reminder of all that God has done.

    Sometime I’d love to hear your testimony! (either by blog post or e-mail)

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