My heart is full to the point of overflowing right now. I love our church. I love my friends. Tonight’s care group was so encouraging to me on so many levels. Here are a few…

1. My cake turned out and was a big hit. I know this is just a little thing, but I was simply hoping to make something that would bless my friends. I’d been looking forward to making that cake for about 3 months now (vanilla butter cream cake with a thin vanilla frosting between the layers and on the top and sides and then a godiva 60% bittersweet dark chocolate ganache. Can you say “yum”?) :) Hearing Matt who doesn’t like cake, say he enjoyed it; watching Willy eat spoonful after spoonful of the leftover ganache until I’m convinced he’ll be sick tomorrow… seeing Jessica sad because there were no seconds left… Such a little thing, but for me, it was a reminder of God’s delight in bringing us joy. I enjoyed making that cake, and seeing them enjoy eating it brought joy to my heart and made me thank God for that little blessing.

2. We talked about the gospel. Talk about a topic to encourage a weary heart… Christ died for you. He paid the price you could not pay for your sins. Through the work of regeneration, He has changed your nature. You’re dead to sin. Baptism is a public display of humbly submitting to Christ in all areas of your life. I’m looking forward to being baptized on May 18th. I hope its warm that day (since the baptisms will be outside!)

3. God gave me a picture for a friend and it seemed to encourage her. I pray it continues to do so. She seems weary and burdened down with the cares of this life. I want her to know confidently the freedom that is found in her weakness. The joy that is found in her utter inability to do anything. I want her to rejoice that the fruit in her life does not come from her ability to make it; rather, it comes through the life flowing through her. I want that to bring the much needed rest for my sweet dear friend.

4. My back is not hurting! I can’t even explain what this means. My back and shoulders have hurt for years, but especially in the past few months. Physical relief is such a blessed gift.

5. I feel at home. At home with the Thomas’s; at home with my church family. Simply resting. Its a beautiful thing and I’m just beginning to experience that. Honestly, in so many ways, I can’t imagine life getting better than it is right now.

6. I have running buddies now – Wendy for hiking adventures. Jennifer for after work motivation. Yippee! Hurray for not having to run by myself (not that I don’t like the solitude with me, my ipod, and the road – I do, but its nice to have someone else with me for safety).

7. I love Matt and Julie. They are a blessing from God. I love Matt’s excitement about little things like the salty smell from opening a bag of Original Lays chips. I love his humility and sensitivity for others’ concerns and needs. I love his passion for Jesus. And I love his wife. Julie brightens the room simply by being there. I love her excitement and humor. I love her down to earth approach on life. I love her discipline as portrayed through raising her children and losing weight. She is an example I long to be like. I want my husband to be blessed with a godly wife like Julie. I want to learn more from that life.

8. Talking to George tonight was great. I have a greater desire to read and study the Psalms more. I want to memorize more and glorify God through my creativity more. I want to grow in songwriting . I want to grow in the gift of encouragement. He encouraged me tonight. I want to do that same honor to others.

9. Ending the night with “Have your full way” was so appropriate. By God’s grace, I was able to sing “thank you for my trial, it was designed by your own hand to perfect a good work in me.”

Isn’t He good?
Isn’t He kind?
Hasn’t He blessed us?
Time after Time?

There is no answer but “yes.”

My God is good.
He’s been very good to me.

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