God seems to be turning my heart to one particular topic these days:
His unfailing faithfulness.

In light of that, here are some posts that were particularly encouraging and helpful this morning as the assault on my soul began (for those of you who are working through 1st Peter with me, “assault” can be interpreted as “free fall.”)

Around the Web:

Psalm 78

Looking unto Jesus by JC Ryle

Light Shining in the Darkness on the Challies blog

When God is Silent on the Blazing Center

Ride of Life by 4Him

1 Peter 2:23-25

By God’s grace, I will continue entrusting my soul to Him who judges justly (realizing that my justification is only through the blood of Christ, not my own merit). In His strength, I will continue looking to Jesus aware of my utter inability to change myself, will learn from Psalm 78, will remember His faithfulness in my past and will allow that to compel me to hang on for the ride of my life even when He is silent.

For you see, my God is not silent at all. He is very active. He is leading and guiding through the dust storms that cloud my vision. Though I cannot see His hand guiding me, I know it is there. It is real, and it is a guiding Hand full of strength and wisdom – I’m experiencing its power.

I can enjoy this free fall for the exhilarating and hope-saturated ride that it is intended to be, because my confidence and trust is in a God that will never cease to be faithful.

*sermon links from Together for the Gospel 2008 conference and Sovereign Grace Church of SC


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