Webster’s dictionary defines “reflect / reflection” as to give back or exhibit as an image, likeness, or outline; to make manifest or apparent.

As Christians, we are called to reflect Christ. We are called to mirror His image (to give a true representation, an exemplary model) and to show others of His charachter.

If you think about that for more than 2 seconds, you’ll come to the same conclusion that I did. There is absolutely no way I can show others a true reflection of who Christ is. He was perfect. He was humble. I am sinful and proud. My best works are not merely tainted by sin, they are inherently worthless and filthy.

But God, being rich in mercy, chooses to substitue those works with ones that are pleasing to Him. Through the cross, God looks at me and is able to be pleased with my works – not because I’ve merited it, but because the death of Jesus Christ was sufficient and strengthens me daily to follow His example. I’ll never reach that level of perfection as He had, and it is designed to be so, in order to keep me humbly trusting in His strength and relying on His ability, not my own.

Last night, I went to Joe and Rose’s house for dinner. I had the pleasure of cooking dinner for them and their family – they provided the place, the food and let me take free reign of the kitchen, trusting that I would prepare something good for them to eat. I can’t even explain how much fun I had just throwing stuff together! I LOVE to cook and miss not doing it as often as I used to.

They kept saying how much of a blessing it was to them, but honestly, I think I left as the one more edified and refreshed. It was a joy to get to know them, to feel immediately welcome as part of the family, to hear how God reached into their worlds and captured their hearts, to see the struggles of how they are learning now to trust Him daily, to hear examples of how God has empowered them to overcome sin. Wow! God is at work in that little family in so many ways, and I got to see a part of it last night! I got to see another “fringe” of His ways (Job 26:14).

What a beautiful reflection they were to me of the gospel. By God’s grace, I believe that I was able to be the same to them.

Grace truly is amazing. They opened their home, I came and cooked. But God met me (and I believe us all) in a special way. I left, more aware of His power than when I came. I left having a deeper desire for fellowship. I left, rejocing in our amazing, all-powerful, soveriegn God.

What a sweet mirror image of my Jesus. Seeing that makes me long for the day when I’ll see not merely a reflection, but my Savior face to face.


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