Ten Looks at God’s grace


1. i’m grateful that God saved me from drugs, sex and alcohol at age 25 instead of age 52 (or not at all).

2. i’m grateful that God’s grace was so evident in my friend’s lives that day at Carowinds (amusement park) that I saw the gospel being lived out in evident ways – ways that made God’s kindness appealing! thanks guys! I love you!!!

3. i’m grateful for the love that my church family sacrificially displayed to me time and time again when i used to come to church with hangovers.

4. i’m grateful that, by God’s grace alone, I no longer do come to church with hangovers but instead am in a place where I can serve and love my friends who serve and love me with such excellence.

5. i’m grateful that the Britt family chose to move to my town and plant a church and share with me the wondrous love displayed by Jesus on the Cross.

6. i’m grateful for the greatest place on earth (my church –Sov. Grace church in Greenville SC). I could write a book about this one.

7. i’m grateful for my Bible. (make that Bibles – I have 5!). I’m grateful for William Tyndale and the work He did in translating it so that I have an English copy. I’m grateful for Martin Luther and the work He did too so that I can have a copy in German too!

8. i’m grateful that God has given us the ability to love Him.

9. i’m grateful for the trials from the past 6 months that God has graciously and lovingly carried me through. i’m grateful for His evident grace that has been there each step of the painful way.

10. i’m grateful for the admonition of Stephen to think of 10 ways we’re grateful. what a great way to start my day! thank you!

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