Pulling back


Over the past few weeks, God has been impressing on my heart 2 things:

1. Find rest in ME!
2. Simplify and re-prioritize.

Don’t quite know what all this means. Don’t know where to begin. Would appreciate your prayers.


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  1. Praying. Start in scripture and ask God to focus your mind on Him alone. The steps will come…as will the rest.

    By the way, I’m reading “Running Scared: fear, worry, and the God of rest”. Excellent so far.

  2. I understand completely, my friend! I’m hearing lots thats not making sense. Thankfully, our hope doesn’t rest in our undertanding or even in what we can see. It rests in Him and His power to keep us, teach us, and guide us. Love you.

  3. thanks guys for your prayers and encouragement. :)

    Last summer I remember singing the song “Oh, disarm me of everything that I’d depend on so I’ll depend on you. Jesus strip me of everything that I would lean on so I will lean on you…”

    the process begins again. i’m being stripped of my robes that to Him are filthy rags. Only then, can He replace them with robes of righteousness that is pleasing to Him.

    I’m hopeful because I know He’ll complete what He began in me. I’m confident that my God will sustain. I know that He will not leave me as an orphan, but will send His Spirit as a Comfortor (and already has sent Him!)

    Its funny. Typically trials for me go hand in hand with an anxious fear. I have peace in this one. Peace in who I have seen my God to be. Peace because He Who is always with me has been tested and found true. Peace because He is stedfast despite the ever-changing life I live.

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