Today was a hard day. You never want to attend a baby’s funeral. The flowers on top of the small casket were larger than the casket itself. My friends are grieving deeply. My heart hurts for them.

But what I left the day with was one word… hope. The funeral service was done by my pastor, Jim Britt. Dave and Melissa picked out two songs to sing – one before and one after. The first song was “Blessed be Your Name” and the second was “It is Well.” Never were those words harder to sing. It was heartbreaking to see tears roll down countless faces while we tried to sing the words “you give and take away… my heart will chose to say blessed be your name.”

But as Jim so tenderly reminded us, our hope is not in the gifts given, rather in the Giver of gifts. He reminded us of the hope that God brings. It has been faith building for me to watch my friends walk through this trial. Their hope is confidently in a loving Father who cares for them. Their sorrow is met with an even-greater Comfortor. God’s grace is so overwhelmingly evident in their lives right now.


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