have been somewhat absent lately… sorry about that. God seems to be working in my heart to learn to simply rest… so this week (vacation week) has been a week of relaxing, resting, enjoying music and friends and hiking and pools.

I love what I can learn about my God through nature. I learn that He is powerful. I see that He loves diversity. I love viewing His creativity. I’m glad that though I change like the seasons do, my God never changes. There is something special to me about hiking through the mountains viewing His creation and simply standing in awe of His power.

Can I just say…I love my singles group. We got together at the guy’s duplex tonight for pizza. Its weird now… 5 years ago our singles group was consisted of 5 girls and 2 guys. Tonight, of the 20+ people that were there, the vast majority were guys. How cool is that?

Matthew Eastin stepped it up once again. The guy is really becoming a great leader. Its cool to watch. He cares specifically and serves quietly. He is truly an example.

I love hearing the guys pray. I love seeing their interaction with each other. I love watching them prepare the food (thanks Ryan for the yummy salad!) and doing it with such excellence. They are the coolest guys ever and are really gifts to our church. I was grateful to meet Carl – a brand new Christian who will be celebrating 3 weeks tomorrow of his union with Christ. Yay!!! I am humbled by Willie’s service and passion. I am motivated by Casear’s and Willie’s passion for the lost.

I left tonight, yet again reminded of God’s provision.

So, again, the command is rest. sit quietly. hope for Me. Look to Me. Rejoice in the midst of trials because I am your hope. Live in light of the stedfast hope you have in Me!


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  1. So good to hear that the guys are continuing to lead and serve for the glory of God! :) I’m so proud of those guys! That brings such joy to my soul, especially in regards to Matthew Eastin. Thanks Em for the reminder of where that group was 5 years ago and what our great God has done! :) Miss you guys, but so glad to see that God is continuing His work in the Singles group and bearing fruit for His glory. I can say without a doubt that the best years of my life thus far were spent in Greenville, SC at our little church.

  2. HEY BIZZZ!!! :)

    yeah, its really cool to see them stepping up. Matthew especially. He’s doing great!

    um… yeah. a lot’s changed in 5 years… just look back to the pics of you on those bales of hay!! :D

    you miss us? we didn’t even notice you were gone! no, i’m kidding… we really miss you too. its not the same without your clumsiness. :)

    still praying for you. hope all is well and am thrilled to watch God’s hand leading your life through all these changes.

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