… a picture of my life lately.

thanks Christa and Jess… yesterday was encouraging. today however…


I am so glad that my Jesus is holding my yo-yo of life. He is sovereignly ordaining each up and each down. He is full of love and compassion and each day I take a breath is a testimony of that.

So, in the midst of a “down” today, I am seeking to be grateful. Grateful because I have received mercy. Grateful because I have a Savior that has compassion on me in my weakness. Grateful because He has promised mercy and help in my times of need.

So, God, help. I need mercy. Again. I don’t deserve it. But I guess that’s the point…


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  1. Gratefulness is a key in helping that yo-yo spring back up when it’s at its low.

    May God continue to hold you up, and may the upside last long.

  2. Yep, samurai, gratitude is such a helpful way to grab my soul and remind it of truth. It keeps me content and helps me trust God. It’s hard to not trust (hence my recent blog posts) when you see all the ways He has/is working.

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