let me tell you…


yesterday, God brought me a reminder of his care.  As I was wrapping the gift for Anna’s bridal shower, I noticed my collection of cards had dwindled.  i love to write little notes and send them randomly – just because.  so, i was sitting on the floor and just kind of wishing that i had more cards.  but since I know that’s a unneeded expense right now, i basically told myself “suck it up… you’ll be okay… you have enough cards to last you. and if you run out… get creative and find cheap ways – like a piece of paper!”  yikes.  paper?!?  like just the plain lined kind with 3 holes?  :)  hehe.

unknown to me, Jessica spent part of yesterday cleaning her room.  part of that process was cleaning out her card collection.  she brought a box full of probably a hundred or more cute cards… all sizes and shapes and colors!!!


God reveals His goodness in such sweet ways! I’m so grateful for His little acts of kindness as displayed in my life!


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