for a season


i believe there are different seasons in our lives for various purposes.  God works in each season to conform us to His image.  in each time, there are things to learn, people to serve, sins to kill and a relationship with a loving Savior to cultivate. 


for a while, I felt God saying that my season was one of being in the ground.  one of being a seed that was being planted.  a time for that seed to die.  a time of being watered and fed and nourished.  and a time of not knowing what type of plant i was to become. 


a few weeks ago i feel God gave me another picture.  I was standing in a valley.  it had been an easy walk into the valley and i barely noticed as i had been led there.  even while i was in the valley, i didn’t notice at times the depths of the valley itself.  then the Shepherd said “come. i am going to lead you up. you are coming out of the valley.  you are going to follow me to the cliff and to the mountain and it will be hard.  follow me. i will lead you and be with you just like i have been with you each day in this valley.”


almost immediately the picture changed.  from valleys of tall grass where the danger was foxes and snakes and potholes, we moved to a tall, skinny, dark, rocky, foggy, mountain.  the road spiraled around the mountain with dizzying curves.  it was foggy and dark.  and to make matters worse it was gravel. 


we started moving at what seemed lightning speed.  i could barely see the path.  i started getting dizzy.  i looked before me and saw nothing but fog.  i looked behind me and saw nothing but fog.  i bent down and felt with my hands and felt a cliff directly to my side.  to my other side was a wall.   i became very fearful.  afraid to take a step.  afraid if i did that i would fall over the edge and die. 


i ran back to the valley.  it was comfortable.  the mountain involved a climb and i knew that would be difficult. 


yet softly the voice said “come.”  the Shepherd did not beat this sheep.  he simply called.  He called in a voice that was tender.  He called in a voice that said honestly to me “this road will be hard.  i promise no path of ease.  i never have.  but i promise my presence.  i promise my protection.  i promise my Life for my sheep.  I promise my comfort.  and I promise it will be best for you in the end.  come with me and trust me.”


so as I follow up this mountain, things continue to change in my heart.  there is much that i can’t explain.  at least for a season.  for now i will be backing off from blogging.  backing off to spend more intimate time with my Savior.  backing off for about a month or so is what my current thought is.  i will probably still post about once a week or so… this will not be permanent.  but it will be for a season. 


so goodbye for now.  i’m going to learn from my Shepherd.  i’m going to receive care for my soul.  He’s calling me to come.  So I’m going.


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  1. Amen… may God continually provide strength, courage, and endurance for the climb. If He prompts you, i would love to hear about the view He gives you when you reach the end of this climb.


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