what God has done … He said to me “live.”


During one of the worship sets at Na05, Bob Kauflin sang a spontaneous song entitled “What part of your sin did I not cover?” This song was specifically for those who had turned from a past of sexual sins, yet continued to battle condemnation and guilt for their choices. I was a new Christian, and God had graciously redeemed me from the world’s pit of empty promises in sex, drugs and partying.

God spoke to me so gently yet powerfully through this song. “Emily, I love you. I know all your awful sins and I died to forgive each and every one of them. Not one escapes the power of the words uttered on the cross “it is finished.” All your sins are paid, your condemnation is washed away and your guilt is fully atoned for.”

As Bob kept singing, I was on the floor, weeping. Weeping that my Jesus would die for me. Why? What love is this, that He, the sinless one would lay down His life willingly for this, for all my sins that I had chosen? What amazing love! What undeserved favor!

For the first time, I knew God died for me because He loved me. He died to make me His beloved bride. He died to show me a love that no man ever could.

The song ended with a challenge to “live in the good of all that I paid for. Live in the good of the blood shed for you.” As Ezekiel 16 puts it, God passed by me, saw me wallowing in my blood, and in His compassion said to me “Live.”

God used that specific moment at Na05 to show me that my soul was already free from the condemnation of my sin. I praise God for His amazing love. He doesn’t view me as a “second-rate” Christian because of my past – He views me in union with my Savior. He has now said “live.” “Live a life of devotion to me. Live learning what it means to love me deeper and know me greater. I’m the greatest joy you’ll ever know.”


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