the perfect man

"I believe that human morality rather than flagrant sin is the greatest obstacle to the gospel today." 
Jerry Bridges
"As it relates to our salvation, as it relates to our standing before God, our good works are not even in the picture.  And that’s good news.  Make that your daily thought.  Make that an hourly thought if its possible for you. Remind yourself at all times: we earn nothing for our salvation by our own obedience.  Because of Christ’s perfect obedience, he earned for us all of God’s favor; all of God’s blessing.  It’s His performance not ours."
Dave Harvey

"It is good to know, especially when facing the next world, that for every time we have failed to conform to God's will in thought, word and deed by actively sinning or failing to conform to His revealed will, His Son has fulfilled the obedience that we owe, by never once giving in to the lust, the pride, the sloth, the greed, the selfishness, and malice that is so often allowed space in our overcrowded hearts, Jesus Christ becomes our Savior not only in His atoning death but throughout His life.  In this way, every day of His life was as necessary for our salvation as that dark afternoon on Golgotha.  He was the only fully surrendered victorious sold-out Christian who ever lived.  Our surrender is half-hearted and partial.  Our victories seem to be always sullied by pride.  Even if we could live the higher life, could God not smell our smugness?  Wouldn't our best works be sabotaged by our own depravity?  These good works would be corrupt enough to condemn us on the last day.  So what we require is an obedience of someone else to stand in for us.  It is not only Christ's atoning death but His saving life during the 33 years of His conformity to the Father's will that shelters us from God's just sentence.  This is why the believer when arrayed in this righteousness need fear neither death nor hell." 
Charles Hodge

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