sleep test


so, i had my sleep test last night.  other than being hooked up to something like 27 wires all over my body, it was a pretty typical night.  the test went from 9 PM to 6 AM.  By the time they hooked me up, it was about 10.  So, off to bed I went at 10 PM, wide awake and full of energy. 

I couldn’t get comfortable and ended up rolling around until about 2:30, wishing i could read a book or something.  I think I slept a few minutes at a time and then woke up for longer periods throughout.  It was hard to shut my mind off.  And everytime I moved, it seemed I unhooked one of the wires.  I kept the poor nurse busy, that’s for sure.  She came in about 10 times that i remember, and probably more than that.

the room was cold, but I’m grateful they had a space heater.  hurray!  about 2:30 AM, i gave up trying to get comfortable on my side and finally fell asleep on my back with my legs propped up on two pillows.  i was having a hard time breathing and kept thinking there was a cat in the room.  my eyes, nose and mouth were extremely dry.  i remember dreaming and I think it was about work.

at 5 or so, the nurse woke me up.  so, not much sleep last night for me, but honestly i feel about like on any other normal day.  tired, sleepy, ready to go back to bed, but functioning.

i go back to the doctor on December 4th for the test results. 

i haven’t had a migraine since Sunday.  God is so kind to grant some relief there because its been a very stressful busy thought-filled week at work.


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  1. I don’t know anyone who sleeps well at those things. Actually, a resident of mine does. He says it’s the only good sleep he gets. Go figure. Hopefully all those lines reflect the difficulty you felt with breathing. Keep us updated.

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