the last 2 years of my life in “pictures”:

1. suitcases at the cross, covered fully in blood. red sheets all around, overhead. completely forgiven.

2. seed in ground. Master Gardener knows how much water and heat it needs to grow. seed doesn’t know the end result, but the Gardener does. He will tend his plant perfectly until it grows into what its supposed to.

3. child in waves. Father takes her there to train her. He won’t let her drown, even when she’s scared to death… even if she swallows some water. She will be okay because He is behind her holding her up, even when she can’t feel it.

4. dark night. stars are still shining. don’t forget to look up, its not completely dark.

5. out of valley. up to a mountain. the climb is hard. the road is steep and there are dangerous cliffs. there is fog. God goes before and is behind and on each side and guards each step.

6. looking at life with a pillow in front of my face. my problems and trials are the pillow. its all i can see. but learn to move it aside and see all God has done. give thanks. He has richly blessed me.

7. army attacking. standing alone in green field. thousands coming on every side. no armor. cried for help. looked back up and see angel warriors surrounding me. fighting for me because i’m precious to God. He won’t forsake me or let me die… i’m His precious child and He paid a costly price for me. He will protect me.

8. the battle is over. i’m not harmed. but i’m too weak to stand. its the middle of the day but all i want is sleep. i can’t move. i’m afraid the army will return. then i realize i’m being held. i’m safe in His arms.

9. acorn falls from a tree. the acorn thinks it fell prematurely. needs to stay and grow. instead its planted. the weight of the dirt seems unbearable. at first it fights, death is painful. it rains. the acorn is cold, alone and sad. then it remembers what it was told earlier… death comes, then comes a beautiful tree. pain, then growth. the acorn longs for that growth, longs to be a big beautiful tree. knows death is the only way.

10. walking on a road. the path is dark. the light guiding me is dim. forces in the darkness are attacking… loud, relentless and mean. the light seems smaller. must keep following. must keep trusting. no matter what, keep moving and trusting. He is faithful… remember His promises. standing still is not an option. sitting down would be wrong. walking cannot be done in own strength. must walk by faith. must put into action what seems impossible. go.


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  1. Hey Emily!

    Great post! very timely, I feel like that acorn.

    I know that the place that I’m in right now is exactly where my Father has me but it feels like as you put it in the post, I’m weighed down with the dirt. I know that He’s growing me and all of these various trials are here for my growth, but I really, really, really liked it on the tree! It was much more comfortable there! which is why I’m not there anymore!

    The Lord doesn’t waste anything that He allows in our lives, especially the trials. It reminds me of the song from “Come Weary Saints” Every Day- it’s kind of been my theme song.

    In Your grace, You know where I walk
    You know when I fall
    You know all my ways
    In Your love, I know You allow
    What I cannot grasp
    To bring You praise

    Thank You for the trials
    For the fire, for the pain
    Thank You for the strength
    Knowing You have ordained
    Every day

    Your great power is shown when I’m weak
    You help me to see
    Your love in this place
    Perfect peace is filling my mind
    And drawing my heart
    To praise You again

    In my uncertainty, Your Word is all I need
    To know You’re with me every day (repeat)


  2. Ron, thanks for posting that song. i love it. and had honestly forgotten about it. i think i need to pull out that cd again… maybe now. :) i hope you have a happy thanksgiving. :)

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