By the end of the book, Habakkuk is a changed person-he has learned to wait and trust in God, who works out all things for his glory. Habakkuk, like Job, questions God’s justice, but in the end both realize that God is sovereign and his justice is far beyond their comprehension.

1.2-11 First cycle. Habakkuk is disappointed that God does not seem to be answering his prayers; but God’s response indicates that unknown to the prophet, he has already begun answering them.

from ESV Study Bible, notes on Habakkuk


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  1. Hey Emily!
    I love the ESV Study Bible!

    That is such an encouraging note, even when we are totally unaware of God’s working for us,He’s already working on our behalf. Even the difficult circumstances are all a part of God’s sovereign working in our lives!
    Thanks for sharing these great study notes on Habakkuk.

  2. Ron, i just got my ESV study Bible in the mail a few days ago because it was on backorder so I really haven’t had much chance to get into it yet. I’m super excited to have the online study Bible too – that’s so awesome! :)

    thanks to Jess for passing these on to me… :)

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