ever since I attended the Worship God conference this past August, where the theme was “Rediscovering the Psalms,” God has not allowed me to really move beyond that book in my personal times of study and reflection.

One thing specifically that God’s been working on are the words of Psalm 62:8 “Trust in Him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us.”

I find it both faith buiding and interesting to read that over 1/3 of the Psalms are psalms of lament, or laying a troubled situation before the Lord and asking Him for help.  To see the boldness of David and the other Psalmists encourages me to boldy approach the Throne of Grace too, looking for grace, mercy, and help in my times of need too. 

“the Psalms do not simply express emotions: when sung in faith, they actually shape the emotions of the godly.” from ESV Study Bible p. 939.

Father, thank you that I can come to you, as I am, confidently trusting in Your righteousness to uphold me.  Thank you for your care for me that is deeper than any father or friend could ever provide.  Thank you that you never forsake, you always love and that you always will.  What a comfort it is to know, that no matter what else may come, I am secure in your arms.  Thank you that you are a God who cares.  Thank you that you hear my cries.  Thank you for restoring me to you.  I pray that you would give me a heart to love others with the same love and care you have shown me.  Please help me to be willing to sacrifice being right but instead to be focused on your glory and your greatness, like the Psalmist was.  Father, You are the God who parted the Red Sea… you led your children safely on dry land… through a sea that seemed impassable.  You did that out of compassion, for those who turned away from you and were ungrateful for your provision.  I see my face in that crowd all too often.  Grant me instead the mind of Christ, a mind of humility, a mind of steadfast, quiet confident trust in You.  Thanks that you will complete what you began in me.  Thanks for that hope.  Thanks for your care.


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  1. Hey Emily!
    Great reminder, The Psalms are the first place that we run to when we are hurting and find ourselves in need of hearing from the Lord. I think because of the raw emotion that David expresses and just the utter “real”-ness of the entire book.
    The theme of God being a refuge has been very predominant in my readings, I take great comfort in that. I’m thankful as well for the care that goes deeper than any earthly relationship could ever provide, What an awesome God we serve!
    Thank you for such a great post, I hope that all is well your way and that you’re feeling better!

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