grace revisited


tonight i went to dinner with some friends.  3 of the 5 are people that I don’t know very well… so, near the beginning of dinner, Andrew asked me to share my testimony with them.  

it seems that over the past few weeks God has brought His redemptive story in my life to my mind more than on normal occasions… whether through a post on Josh Harris’ blog or a conversation over dinner. 

when I find my heart wanting to well up with anger against another, or be unforgiving, or simply be overwhelmed with the busyiness of life and my weakness, God reminds me who I really am… the biggest sinner in the room… completely forgiven…a beloved child of God… an heir to an inheritance that is imperishable, undefiled and unfading… in union with Christ, the Strength in my weakness and so much more. 

Once again, I reflect on His grace in my life and am grateful.  What mercy!  To me!  amazing!  That He would chose me, save me and place me in union with Him is such a gift.  I pray for grace to never forget how amazing it truly is.

What about you?  How has God shown you grace and mercy?  What’s your story?

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  1. Pride is an amazing enemy. It takes every opportunity to well up. And then His grace is there to reveal the truth.

    \o/ I pray that your testimony was a blessing to all who have a chance to hear it.


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