the One



Lost and cold, a little bird walked,
For a broken wing hindered its flight
Her heart was so numb that after some time
Her sweet singing was muffled by fright.
What’s a bird if it can’t fly?
she sighed with no relief.
Not a tear, not able to cry,
Yet sad beyond belief.
So on she wandered many long years
Just wishing for healing to come
Watching other birds fly with such joy
And wondering why she was the one.
          The one all alone,
          The one with no answer
          The one who knew only deep grief –
          The one in such pain
          The one who was longing
          For her heart to find sweet relief.
She thought no one cared.
no one knew all the pain
That she had endured all alone.
Why had she suffered for years
In such silence just longing
For comfort and home?
She cried to the darkness
Yet heard no response.
Her tears met no comfort or care.
And quickly this focus on self found her life
Spiraling downward to deeper despair.
Then one day He came
And crossed by her way
And healing he offered her wing.
But greater than that, He promised the hope
That one day again she would sing.
She followed with hope that maybe, just
Maybe this promise could really be true.
She followed, still leery, for you see, He asked
For much more than she e’er could do.
He asked her to fly.
He asked her for joy –
He asked her to sing through the rain.
He asked her to trust Him and remember instead
That he sheltered through every pain.
And then, oh what comfort it brought to her soul
When she saw what He asked for was paid.
He sought her and called her year after long year
And gave all so she would be safe.
He came and he suffered here on her behalf
So she could know healing would come.
He left all His comfort and suffered and died
So she would know He was the One.
          The One all alone,
          The One with no answer
          The One who knew only deep grief
          The One in such pain
          The One who was longing
          For her heart to find sweet relief.
He offered her hope
And freedom He gave, for you see
He claimed her as his own.  He showed her that she would
Be safe now forever, as He brought her
Comfortably home.

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