what a day…


its 2:17 am. two firemen just left my apartment.

i almost had to go to the ER today.


i woke up to my carbon monoxide detector going off at 2 am. i called 911 and they sent a fire truck to come investigate. i opened my windows and doors because the 911 lady told me to, and then i went and sat in my car to make sure i wasn’t going to die. when they got here, maybe 5 minutes later, the CO2 level was 32. they stayed another 10 minutes or so and the level went down to 20. he said depending on how long it had been going off, it could have been as high as 50 or 60. 100 can kill you. glad i woke up.

i’m still icky from the allergic reaction earlier today. hot tea? really? what the heck? but its all i had today other than eggs at 11:30 and i started getting sick after taking about 5 sips, so i know that’s what it was. and when i say sick i mean allergic reaction sick… trouble breathing, wheezing, throat closing up, sinuses running like a faucet, itchiness and a rash now all over my chest, arms and back.  sometimes they put a wheat binder in tea. i guess i won’t be trying “joy” from Tazo Teas again. i don’t want to die.  :(

they say bad things happen in 3’s. there’s only been 2. :( that makes me sad…i hope tomorrow’s a better day.

my rommates are both out of town.  in one day, i manage to almost kill myself (so glad i can breathe again!) and poison the house. yikes. i hope they come home soon!!!!!  :)

I’m so glad that my God knows each of my days and even this… even being awake at 2:30 am … is in His soveriegn control.  I am grateful for His protection today!


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  1. I’m telling you, you need to make an appointment to see my allergist!!!!!!!

    I’m glad you didn’t die. ;)

    Isn’t it so incredibly cool that God woke you up (’cause I’m convinced He did)!!!!

  2. yeah, i’m convinced that God woke me up too. with the meds i took, the place could have been on fire and i probably could have slept through it.

    1000 needle poky-thingies in my back? are you kidding? no thanks. ;)

  3. OK… #1, as your dearest friend you’ve never met, you MUST go get an EpiPen. Like, yesterday. #2, if you ever have an allergic reaction like that again, you stab yourself with aforementioned EpiPen and call 911. You could die very easily from that type of allergic reaction and they can be cumulative (like, the next one could be worse). #3, I’ve been though all those needle things, and they really aren’t a big deal. I was stressed too! :)

    On that happy note, hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas! :) Love ya!

  4. What a wonderful gift… to know that He has not called you home yet. A 1,000 little needles is a minor discomfort in light of the alternative isn’t it?

    Praying for you…

  5. leanne, so i’m seriously laughing out loud right now. you crack me up, oh dearest friend i’ve never met! (but one day, we’ll meet, i’m sure of it!) :) yeah, i guess i should get an epiPen. and yeah, i like living. and i’d like to continue doing so. :)

    needles?? vs heaven??? seriously John? i’d take heaven any day! :)

    thanks for your prayers. 2 days later, i’m starting to breathe normal again. yay!

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