fear not


when the angels appeared to the shepherd’s they said “fear not.”  because hope has come.  the Prince of Peace is born… coming to bring peace. His dominion will have no end….judgment and justice belong to Him both now and forever. For God so loved the world…  the grace of God has appeared.

I’m sitting here watching the midnight mass at the Vatican.  I watch it every year and my heart breaks every year.  The words they sing and speak are the very words of God… the very words that bring life, yet they seem so dead.  they seem so melancholy, yet this is the day that brings me hope.

I am grateful that God opened my eyes and showed me something so far greater than a religion.  He gave me a Friend.  He gave me a Guide.  He gave me Hope.

So, this Christmas, I praise this Baby who was born. The Creator became as His created ones.  I exalt Him for this marvelous plan.  Never could I have planned something so great… redemption, forgiveness, adoption, hope… all began that day in the manger.

It is a joy this Christmas to reflect on the marvelous plan of my Creator God.  The God who gave all so I could know Hope.

Merry Christmas!  :)


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