reading list for 2009


I have finally compiled my reading list for 2009.  My goal this year is 50 books… with 11 of them as classic repeats. The first 32 on this list are books that I already own.  The final 18 are ones that I’m hoping to add to my library throughout this year.

(the ones marked through are one’s i’ve  already read in 2009. the ones in bold are the one’s i’m currently reading)

1.   The Cross of Christ by John Stott
2.   Living The cross centered life    CJ Mahaney
3.   The normal christian life    watchman nee
4.   Knowing God        JI Packer
5.   Mere Christianity        cs lewis
6.   Worship matters        bob kauflin
7.   The character of God    RC Sproul
8.   The apostle        john Pollock
9.   In my place condemned he stood    packer and dever
10. Till we have faces        cs lewis
11. Chosen            ted dekker
12  From the library of cs lewis: selections from writers who influenced his spiritual journey by James Stewart Bell
13.  Faithful women and their extraordinary God        Noelle Piper
14.  A man called peter    catherine marshall
15.  On Asking God Why    Elisabeth Elliot
16.  Feminine appeal        caroline mahaney
17.  The solitaire mystery    jostein gaarder
18.  Future grace        john piper
19.  Death by Love        Mark Driscoll
20.  Dominion        randy alcorn
21.  Deception        randy alcorn
22.  What is a healthy church member    thabiti anyabwile
23.  The valley of vision    puritian authors
24.  Transforming grace    jerry bridges
25.  Secure in the everlasting arms    elisabeth elliot
26.  Living Water        brother Yun
27.  The hidden smile of God    john piper
28.  Qi             David Aikman
29.  Morning and Evening    Charles Spurgeon
30.  the problem of pain    cs lewis
31.  The Faithful Promiser    John MacDuff
32.  Heaven            Randy Alcorn
33.  Trusting God    Jerry Bridges
34.  The prodigal God        tim keller
35.  Unpacking forgiveness    chris brauns
36.  Outliers            Malcolm Gladwell
37.  Because He Loves Me    Elyse Fitzpatrick
38.  The Path of Suffering        Elisabeth Elliot
39.  The Bondage of the will     Martin Luther
40.  The mortification of sin    John Owen
41.  Whiter than snow: meditations on sin and mercy     paul david tripp
42.  Worldliness        cj mahaney
43.  Solitude Sweetened    James Meikle
44.  Suffering and the Goodness of God        Christopher W. Morgan
45.  Contentment: A Godly Woman’s Adornment        Lydia Brownback
46.  Stand: A Call for the endurance of the saints        John Piper
47.  The journals of Jim Elliot    Elisabeth Elliot
48.  Path of Loneliness    Elisabeth Elliot
49.  Spiritual Depression     Martin Lloyd Jones
50.  The  Cry of the Soul    Tremper Longman


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  1. Funny that you post this now. I just got “Because He Loves Me” (#37) and “Contentment” (#45) for Christmas. Loving them both! Because He Loves Me has one of the most amazing presentations of the gospel in the first chapter that I’ve ever seen; I’m less than halfway though but it’s been great so far. I read the intro and the first couple of devotionals in Contentment and thought of you immediately; I was coming here to tell you that you should read it when I saw this post :)

  2. Such a good idea to put together a reading list… I’ll have to do that once I get settled in Durham. I had already decided that I wanted to take this year and read a lot of the good books on my shelves that I haven’t read. But to actually have a plan on how to go about it would be even better :)

  3. Leanne, i’ve read parts of Because He Loves Me and can’t wait to have it and read the rest.

    As far as the “Contentment” book goes, i thought it sounded like a good one. I honestly don’t know much about it and have never read any of her books, but it came highly recommended. now twice! :) I’ll have to move it up the list and read it earlier it seems.

  4. “Contentment” is a small book, both in size and thickness, and is designed as an “on-the-go” devotional, so each day is only a couple of pages. That all to say, you can read it along with whatever else is current on your list at the time :)

  5. I have # 50 The Cry of the Soul if you decidee to borrow it instead of buying it. Also a couple others that he co-wrote with Dan Allender.

    This looks like a great list. Happy New Year!!

  6. Really impressive list of books. I love to read but I have to keep my list down to about 12 books a year. I usually add a few past that, but your list of basically one a week is great! Blessings

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