my mind is so full of thoughts.  2008 has almost found its ending.  its been a long, hard year, full of challenges, pain, frustration and questions galore.  its a year I would not want to repeat.  but despite the grey clouds, there is in fact a silver lining.   through this year, I have learned that my God is 3 things… wise, powerful and loving.

In His wisdom, He ordained a path for me that I would not have chosen, and often have not approached with joy.  But in His power, He is in control of each step.  And in His love, He comforts and holds me secure.

I have spent the past few weeks struggling with these truths… fighting to believe them.  choosing rather to wallow.  Yet, even there, God has shown His faithfulness to me.  In my sin, He has not forsaken.  As I have turned from faith and embraced fear and doubt, He lovingly calls me back to His safety.  Through each step, He draws me back with love, not judgment.

I am grateful for what He has taught me this year.  He has taught me I’m His child.  He has taught me great depths of His wisdom, power and love.  And for that I’m grateful.

So, as I approach 2009, it is with the firm resolve that my God will be there through every day.  I am grateful that no matter what, He will be there.


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