forgiveness, the greatest gift of all.


Matthew 18: 21-35 contain a parable of two men in debt.  one was in debt for 10,000 talents, or the equivalent of 10,000 years worth of an average man’s salary.  The other was in debt for 100 denarii, about the same as 3 months salary.  In today’s terms, this would be like a debt of $6 billion vs a debt of $12,000.

I am the first man.  If I worked my entire life there would be no way I could pay the debt of my sins against God.  They are too great.  Yet in his gracious kindness, He chose to have mercy on me.  He chose to cancel the record of debt that I owed.  In my helplessness, He granted me the ultimate forgiveness.

So often in my heart, I find my response to be that of this forgiven man… I then look at others sins and demand they make it right.  Or refuse to offer forgivness.  I mean, if someone owed me 3 months salary, that is no insignificant thing, you know?  But in comparison to my debts, it is nothing.  In comparison to what I’ve been forgiven, it seems trivial.  God forgave me $6 billion, how can I not forgive $12,000?

“A transformed heart must result in a changed life that  offers the same mercy and forgiveness as has been received from God.  (Is. 40:2).  Someone who does not grant forgiveness to others shows that his own heart has not experienced God’s forgiveness.”  excerpt from ESVSB notes on Matthew 18.

I pray that God would grant me eyes to see myself as the biggest sinner in every room… that He would grant me His compassion to forgive those who have offended me… and that in every situation my life would reveal His love.


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