i will lead you


You ask how long can I go on like this
Its been so long since I have felt your presence
Once I thought I knew you, you say,
You thought you knew me well
But in this season you’re learning more about me
About my wisdom, about my grace,
about my timing, about my ways

I will lead you in my ways
As you trust me, I’ll show you the way
I will sustain you by my grace
For all the days you wait.
I am working in you to for my Son
To make you more like Him.
Have patience, I am working even now
To accomplish my plans for you

Can you believe that even this is part of my plan
For you?
I know what you need.
I know this will cause you to run to me.
Which is what I’ve intended all along.

So wait for Me. You can trust Me.
Wait for me. I am sure. Wait for me.
You can believe me.
For all my ways, all my ways are good
and wise for you.

(song can be heard at this link at 42:01 through the end)

sung by Bob Kauflin during the Friday night sermon at Worship God 08.


3 responses »

  1. Hey Emily!
    I first heard this spontaneous song over the Summer while mowing grass of all things!
    I had downloaded the Mp3’s to my ipod and that was the first session that I listened to. Appropriate then, even more appropriate now!
    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Hey Ron! I am trying to see if I can get an MP3 of just the song itself. Hopefully I should have it soon… I’d be happy to pass it on to you as well! :)

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