I cannot do this.

It’s not in me to forgive.

My heart wants them to suffer

For what they said and did.

And yet you say “child be like me

And do now what is hard

Give grace and mercy, like I gave.

And I will heal your scars.”



Dear God! This is so hard

This path I’m walking on

I’m weak and need the Presence

That was promised by Your Son.

Without that Hand, I’ll surely fail

But with it I am sure

That there’s no circumstance through which

Your power won’t endure.



Grant hope and trust in You

For I am very weak.

Please magnify this ounce of faith

as your face I now seek.

I want your power to shine through,

E’en through the darkest rain.

I’ll follow as you’re leading me.

I’ll trust and not complain.



Please God, do not forsake

Your child, for I am frail.

But, through the Cross I have the hope

That You will never fail.

I look to you, who suffered too

You’re my example now.

So I’ll forgive, though it is hard

As at your feet I bow.


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