God is, in fact, not dead.


Be not far from me, for trouble is near, and there is none to help. Psalm 22:11

Do not forsake me, O LORD!  O my God, be not far from me!  Psalm 38:21

You have seen, O LORD; be not silent!  O Lord, be not far from me!  Psalm 35:22

The Psalmists cried often for God’s presence to not be far from them in their time of need.  I pray that until God once again reveals to me His active, working, powerful presence that He would grant me the gift of faith, to trust in spite of my overwhelming weakness.  Lately He has seemed so silent to me. 

The past few weeks have been emotionally, spiritually and physically some of the most challenging I’ve faced to date.  And I’ve found myself often listening instead of talking to myself.   What I mean by that is that I’ve allowed my emotions to dictate what is true instead of guiding my emotions by truth.  I’ve spent many hours and days questioning what is true… is God really good because this doesn’t feel good at all…  Like Martin Luther, I’ve acted as if God has died… that He has forsaken me and that life is hopeless.  And to be honest with you, in many ways lately, I actually have felt it is.  But that’s what I feel.  Thank God, what I feel is not true. 

Yesterday I was greatly encouraged to see the body of Christ working… it was encouraging to me to hear of several folks that were praying for me… and it was so exciting when Judie mentioned that God had answered a prayer I’ve been pryaing for her.  It felt like my prayers didn’t get past the ceiling… so to hear of a very specific answer was just a great reminder to me that God is, in fact, not dead.  That’s a truth that I want to have guide my oh-so-fickle emotions.


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