the key


Saturday, while sitting at Starbucks enjoying my grande doubleshot on ice with heavy whipping cream, Gordon and I were talking… she had just come from a meeting with Matt and Julie (my pastor / care group leader and wife and dear friends).

She shared with me something that Matt had shared with her… it was encouraging so I thought i’d pass it on to all of you… :)

God is not limited by time. He sees both our past and our future. Think of a key. Like the ones you put in your door to unlock it… God holds the key and sees each ridge… each up and down… He sees every one.

But you and I live our entire lives on that key. We travel the ups and downs. We are surprised when our sin causes a “down” and are elated when life seems to be up again. But God, with the overall perspective is not surprised. He knew we would fall… He knew each of our sins when He chose to die for us. He didn’t just die for the sins we knew about… He died for the ones that surprise us too.

That was encouraging to me because I am often surprised by my sin. I wonder if God could still love me… I wonder how disappointed He must be… I wonder when He will get tired of me sinning and will give up. But no, He knew each of them… and each of them is covered by those sweet words “it is finished.” The sins I haven’t even committed yet are already finished by His blood.

What a sweet truth.

What hope and encouragement that gave me.

What a loving God He is… to know all of my depravity… more than I even care to know… and yet still choose to love me. Wow.

yesterday, worship was encouraging… it was kind of a continuation of this picture. A God that chose to love sin-ravaged me… yeah, I can understand why the words “how deep the Father’s love for me” make sense. A God that knows each up and down I face… praising Him makes a little more sense.

emotionally i’m still deep down in the ravine. but God showed up yesterday during worship. He reminded me in little ways that He really does actually truly love me. what a sweet reminder.


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