fun times :)


today is valentines day.  some cynics choose to call it singles awareness day… or a day designed by desperate chocolate makers simply to boost sales after the Christmas slump.   in my 27 years, i’ve had varying types of valentines days and have been both in the love bug and the cynic category.

this year was something altogether new for me.  the guys in our singles group from church, spearheaded by Barry, put together an amazing night for us gals.  in total there were 18 of us and i think somewhere like 12 or 13 waiters, chefs, musicians and water-refillers.  i didn’t get an exact count because they never stood still.  but here’s what happened…

in an effort to bless us, aware this can be a difficult day of struggling with discontentment, our guys pampered us beyond belief.  the evening started with a salad of mixed greens, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, mushrooms and olives with a choice of dressing, followed by an amazing dinner of steak, portobello mushroom, baked potatoes and rolls and finished with rice krispy treats and red velvet cake.  there were gluten free marinated steaks for those of us allergic to wheat (there’s quite a few allergies in our group), and the rice krispy treats were so that we could also have a dessert.

after dinner the guys sang to us (HILARIOUS), gave us each a rose and cleaned everything up.  it was such a nice, peaceful relaxing evening.  and to make sure that they were available to serve us, they ate little ceasers pizza ahead of time so that they could make sure our glasses were never empty and our plates were always full.  i mean, that right there’s a sacrifice… give up steak and potatoes and watch 18 girls eat it instead??!!  :)  and the whole thing?? zero dollars (well, for the girls anyways!)

it was an amazing evening… just a reminder that God provides for us… always.

it was 5 years ago tonight that I was putting an engagement ring on my finger.   i never thought the last 5 years would turn out the way they did.  But God in His kindness, knew that this path was the one for me.  He chose in His amazing lovingkindness, to not give me my way when i was planning to get married 5 years ago.  He protected me and I can look back now with gratitude for where I am now.  But that was a painful time indeed.  i spent many nights questioning what God was doing and why.  I lacked faith in His care for me.  I doubted His love as I saw my world come crashing apart.  Yet over and over and over again, He patiently and faithfully and tenderly proved His compassionate love to me… though often in ways I didn’t understand or like.

and right now, I find myself in yet another one of those seasons… questioning, doubting, lacking hope, and wondering what my God is doing here.  but tonight was a glimpse to me of God’s care… of His insight… of His tender love to me.  He cared for me tonight through a dozen or so amazing godly guys whom I am blessed beyond belief to call my brothers and friends.  yeah, my God does care for me… tonight was yet another example.

so, thanks guys!  thanks for your service. thanks for your encouragement.  thanks for reminding me that God cares for me.  thanks for the laughs.  thanks for the picture of humility and service.  you are all amazing guys!

and thank you God for your care.  thank you for your patience with me in the midst of my doubts and hopeless self-introspection.  thank you that you guide my steps and that even when those steps are painful and hard, that you are good.  please help me to trust in your care.  please help me to find hope in knowing that your ways are indeed best.


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