I’m becoming more and more aware that sleep is a gift from God. I wonder what it must be like to sleep a normal eight hours… or at least 6. Please pray for me. Pray that we can figure out why my body just doesn’t want to allow me the precious gift of sleep.

And please pray that the guys in the apartment above me move. Haha. They have some pretty fun parties it seems. Sometimes I’m tempted to go knock on their door at 2am in my pajamas… But I don’t think that would be a good model of Christ’s humility and patience. So I guess pray for patience for me as they often rob me of the few hours of sleep that I can get. I don’t want to respond in anger though I often selfishly do.

This past Thursday I started taking melatonin and drinking 2 various kinds of herbal tea that the guy at the health food store recommended.  Every day since then I have had a migraine.  I’m pretty sure its probably related though I can’t figure out what would be the trigger.  Also, I’m going on week 4 of my cpap machine and have only slept through the night once or twice.  They say that it can take several weeks but most folks find help within a few days.

Its very frustrating.  I am trying to do everything possible to get some sleep yet still I wake up every day tired and I can only remember maybe one day lately that i felt like i actually slept.  I do feel that I am thinking clearer since i started the cpap, so maybe my body is just responding slower to it than most.  :(


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  1. Hey Emily,
    I will definitely pray for you to get some sleep. I can totally relate to the noisy neighbor thing, I used to live in a small 4 unit apartment and the guy that lived above us used to have parties all the time. I used to wonder how he could go to work the next day but anywho! :)
    I hope that you can get some good sleep and that you rest in His care.

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