yes, i’m still alive…


i think this is the longest i’ve ever gone without blogging… nearly a week!  wow!  its been a hard week and i haven’t really known what to say. 

last wednesday i was confronted by a friend of mine about an area of sin in my life.  it was something that was honestly a shock because i thought i had done a good job of keeping it hidden.  bummer.  and it was one of those sins where you really see how awful and gross your heart is.  needless to say… not a fun conversation.  i was discouraged.  i lacked the hope that i could ever change.  i left thinking i’d always struggle with this.  but i left with these words echoing loudly in my ears:

“God is good.” 
“You’re forgiven.” 
“He wants everything.” 
“…and you will find rest for your soul.”
“stop playing in the mud… He’s offering you a day at the beach.”‘

i was then challenged to read through two passages… the book of Hebrews (all at once in one sitting) and Romans 7-8.  I read Hebrews today while sitting in a doctors office waiting room.  it was very encouraging… i will take the next few posts and provide some thoughts I had as I considered Jesus as revealed there. 

one thing i’ve spent the past few days thinking about is the word “everything.”  God demands everything from me… He’s not satisfied with only half my heart.   He knows every part of my wickedness.  And He has offered me everything by granting complete forgiveness on the cross.  i’m currently working on a poem / song based on some of these ideas…

…more thoughts to follow…


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