knowing God


Knowing God is more than knowing about him; it is a matter of dealing with him as he opens up to you, and being dealt with by him as he takes knowledge of you.  Knowing about him is a necessary precondition of trusting in Him…

what matters supremely is not the fact that I know God, but the larger fact which underlies it – the fact that he knows me.  I am graven on the palms of his hands, I am never out of his mind.  All my knowledge of him depends on his sustained initiative in knowing me.  I know him because he first knew me, and continues to know me.  He knows me as a friend, one who loves me; and there is no moment when his eye is off me, or his attention distracted from me, and no moment, therefore, when his care falters…

There is tremendous relief in knowing that his love to me is utterly realistic, based at every point on prior knowledge of the worst about me, so that no discovery now can disillusion him about me, in the way i am so often disillusioned about myself, and quence his determination to bless me.   JI Packer


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  1. The first paragraph bugs me. Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say that “Knowing God… is a matter of dealing with what He opens your eyes to about Him, and being dealt with by Him as He helps you take knowledge of yourself, and your flaws”? My point being, Packer makes it sound like God is holding out on us, and that He doesn’t fully know us, respectively. He’s not holding out; we are just so blind that He has to give us sight of Him. It’s not that He’s learning new things about us; it’s that He takes His time showing us where we’re wrong… because we can’t handle it all at once! And btw, He shows us where we’re wrong not out of anger, but because He sees better than we do just how much we damage ourselves with sin we may not even have labeled as such, yet. Yay!

  2. Hey there Emily!
    What a great quote from a great man of God. I love JI Packer, thank you so much for sharing this today. I take great comfort in knowing that I am engraved on the palms of God’s hands! what a worship inspiring thought, nothing about me just the fact that God chose to love me…I am definitely going to share this in the morning in our time of worship.
    Ron Reffett

  3. great thoughts Jess… guess I should have posted the previous paragraph as well… it basically stated the same ideas. :)

    Ron, God’s love is so comforting isn’t it? its funny, there are times I think that this trial (fill in the blank) is too much and somehow God won’t comfort me… yet He always does. I’m SO glad He is faithful… no matter the trial or wilderness. i’m praying for you.

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