i will not fear


Trial after trial

and my heart questions why

Has my God forgotten me?

Does he even hear my cry?

I am weak. Where’s His compassion?

I can’t see His hand or hear Him now

Won’t you speak God, give me comfort

As I trust you through this trial…


Then I hear you say “don’t be afraid

For I will never leave.

In your trial I’ve not forsaken you

I will meet you in your need.

Now sweet child, look to me with trust

My power will provide.

In your weakness you will come to know

That I’m your faithful Guide.”


So In this time of testing

I will look to you in faith.

You are faithful though I cannot see

You’re steadfast in your ways.
You are faithful. You are faithful.

All your promises are true

I know You are always with me

I will not fear, I trust in You.



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