i’m grateful for…


… the care that my care group showed me last night…

i was exhausted last night and feeling really sick yesterday.  i didn’t want to go to care group but i knew that my soul needed it. i can’t even begin to describe how encouraged i was when i left.  during worship, as I was sitting on the couch, jenna beth came over and asked if she could pray for me.  apparently i don’t do a great job at hiding when i’m in pain.  then later during worship matt had the group pray for those who needed it.  glendaliz, hannah o, jessica c, michele and cherith came over and prayed for me.  i’m grateful for their care.

…great friends…

i was able to have a good conversation with jessica b last night.  and carice.  and michele.  all too often, when i’m struggling with something, i tend to internalize and not want to “burden” my friends with what i’m going through.  what a relief it is to know that they care for me and want to help bear those burdens. what an amazing picture of my God that doesn’t quit when times get hard.  i’m grateful for my friends.

… my pastor…

matt is such a gift. and julie, his wife, is too.  its great to be cared for.  its comforting to know they pray for me. its helpful to have them help walk me through struggles and pain.  they contstantly point me back to the hope found in the gospel.  i talked to Jim (our senior pastor) for a few moments on sunday.  He was encouraging me with just how faithful God has been in my life, especially in the past 6 months.  i tend to think that changes happen too slowly.  its good to be reminded of where God is at work.


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