my brain has stopped working


you know how if you’re running 15 different programs on one computer that after a while it just stops working due to an overload?  yup, that’s where my head is at.  there have been so many things happen in the past week that have been so encouragaing, challenging, etc that I don’t even know how to put it all into words effectively.

so instead of sharing every one of them, i’ll pick one thing that God did that really really encouraged me this past Sunday.

two weeks ago was the first sunday that our church had a prophecy mic.  for those of you who may not be familiar with this, it is a mic at the front of the auditorium, where folks are encouraged to come and share something that they believe God has given them for mutual encouragement.  its evaluated by a pastor and if it fits with the flow of the service, then it will be shared for all to hear.  Sometimes its a verse, sometimes a picture, sometimes an encouragement…

well, sunday 2 weeks ago, I felt that God wanted me to share a particular verse from Romans.  but i wasn’t sure if it was me or if it was really from God.  so i waited.  i waited until the last song and at that point it was clear that if I didn’t go up then it would be an act of disobedience.  so i went, and Jim encouraged me that it fit perfectly, but due to time constraints, that he was going to ask me not to share this week.

fast forward one week… this past Sunday.  during the second song, I saw this picture in my mind of foks standing by a waterfall.  some of the group were enjoying the rush of the waterfall while others were standing by, simply observing.  i felt that this was a picture of worship that morning, that there were many (myself included) that were struggling for one reason or another (be it guilt over sin or just plain weariness) and were having a hard time “jumping in” and finding their hope in God.  and then God reminded me the verse in Hebrews that encourages us to come boldly and find grace and mercy in our time of need. 

I felt pretty strongly that this picture was from the Lord but I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to share.  So as I was praying about this, I felt God say “no, you’re not supposed to share…someone else is going to say this in about 5 minutes and I just wanted to let you know as well so that when this happens you will find yourself encouraged.”  So I went back to my struggle of half-hearted worship. 

About a song and 1/2 later, Dale Cook came forward and shared a picture he had of a waterfall and of folks standing on the sideline hesitating to jump in.  he encouraged us that all we really needed to do was just jump… not anazlyze our sin or what needs to change but rather just approach God and worship boldly, knowing our confidence is through Jesus Christ.

I was blown away.  I can’t even tell you how encouraged that was for me to hear.  Not only was it encouraging just to hear Dale share it, but it was so personal, to have God share this with my heart not 5 minutes earlier.  Worship, and the rest of the day was a struggle for me still to some degree.  but God was intentional on encouraging me and helping my weak fragile faith to grow… to grow in my confidence in Him.

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  1. \o/ That is both incredibly inspirational… and humbling. I am just filled with praise for God… and a longing to get back into such a “flow of water” myself…

    thank you, thank you, thank you very much for sharing that.

  2. leanne, i do too… :)

    john, you’re welcome. i am glad that by passing along something that enocuraged me that God used that to encourage you too! that being said… jump in! :)

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