i would love your prayer…


its really funny, so much seems to have been going on lately but somehow last month was the least amount i blogged in the last 2 1/2 years.  i guess part of the reason for this is because in many ways, there is nothing new to say… life just goes on.  and i haven’t been learning any life-altering truths, simply learning to cling to the ones i know. 

but the other reason is that much of what i have been working through just doesn’t seem to have adequate words to describe it.  physical pain or loneliness or discouragement often has no words.  i’m glad God knows the prayers that I often don’t know how to pray.  He perfectly understands my questions.

That being said, I would really be grateful for your prayers. 

1.  Pray that I would grow in a deeper trust of God so that when life seems topsy-turvy, that my confidence remains in my faithful God.    Pray for fresh reminders that my God is all powerful and greater than all my fears.

2.  Pray that God would grant me wisdom for knowing when to walk forward in faith and when to simply sit at His feet with a childlike faith.  (though often these two seem to go hand in hand…).  Pray specifically with my job that He would grant me wisdom to know what to do (if anything).

3.  Pray that God would heal my body from all the physical problems, migraines and allergies that have simply become a part of my life.  I know He is the God who can heal.  I have seen His work in amazing ways time after time.  And He is compelling me to ask for this, aware I don’t deserve it and aware that I struggle even asking for such a gift, but aware that He is a merciful God who delights in my asking and coming in humble faith and obedience.

4.  Pray that God would give me wisdom in knowing where to invest my time.  The past few weeks I have felt stretched very thin.  I really would like to grow in knowing how to balance time for myself, time to serve others, time to care for and love others, etc. 

5.  Pray that I would sleep. 

that’s what’s going on in my world right now.  i need wisdom.  i need God’s strength.  i need to be reminding myself cotinually that my God is merciful and kind.

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  1. Hey Emily,
    You got it sister! I will definitely pray for you.
    I hope that all is well with you, and that you enjoyed the Next conference immensely! You’ll have to let me know what good books you picked up!
    Ron Reffett

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